Truck Bed Liner – Essential Protection For Your Truck

Bed liner truck accessories protect your valuable vehicle from damage and corrosion. One of the leading options for trucks is now a bed liner. If your truck bed is scratched and scarred it not only looks bad. If the finish is scratched through to bare metal, rust starts there. Once the rust gets started, it is a rapid road to the ruin of your truck.

The most popular bed liners for trucks are applied as a spray. Get a professionally applied bed coating and you protect your bed with a durable beautiful coating that can last for years. Spray on liners are liquid before application and harden quickly to a durable finish that is permanently bonded to the bed. Most of the professional finishes are a multi-part material with a catalyst that dries in seconds. The materials are applied very thick, up to 1/4 inch and that’s part of the secret to protecting your truck. The finish is so thick that it can be dinged, scraped and scratched and still not be penetrated down to the metal underneath.

Major advantages of bed liner spray on bedliner coatings include the following.

Thick coatings protect the bed from minor dings and scrapes.
Unharmed by most chemicals.
Includes UV inhibitors to protect against sun damage.
Protects your truck bed from rust damage.
Fast application, only two to three hours.
Available in many colors to match or blend with your truck finish.
The only real disadvantage of the bed liners spray on finish is the cost. You’re looking at several hundred dollars depending on your dealer. But that’s a small price to pay to protect your valuable truck.

Another option, especially for older trucks is a roll on kit.

A bed liner spray finish you apply yourself or a finish you roll on can make your truck look a whole lot better. Make your older truck bed look great with a practical finish for a reasonable price.

We rolled on a bed liner on our old Plymouth truck and it looks far better. You can do it too.

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