Sexy Baccarat, Playing Gambling Accompanied by Beautiful and Fantastic Dealers

Sexy baccarat is a game that has recently become popular among online gambling fans. Basically the rules are similar to regular baccarat games, but this time the dealer or dealer wears minimal clothes that appear sexy.

Sometimes, the pretty sexy baccarat dealers tease the players with a small shake or the mobilization of certain body parts, in order to provoke player participation.
The beauty and sexiness of the sexy baccarat game guides are not in doubt, because it is a capital or requirement that must be fulfilled as a dealer or dealer profession.

Beautiful eyes, lips sensual , adorable tone to wobble fantastic is an attribute that must have a sexy dealer baccarat. Because after all, the segmentation of this gambling game is young to middle-aged men who really want to be accompanied by girls while gambling.

In Indonesia itself, this game already has millions of active players every day, whether they really want to play gambling, or just watch the beautiful scenery on a cellphone or computer screen. Several online casinos already have the sexy baccarat game on their site.

The well-known online gambling site in Indonesia, wama88 is one of the online casino pioneers who hooked up sexy baccarat providers to Indonesian gambling players. sexy bacarat be able to know what the sexy baccarat game looks like, first know what baccarat is and how to play it.

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Cara Main Sexy Baccarat

Baccarat game is a card game that used to be a story in the famous James Bond Casino Royale novel written by Ian Fleming.
The game originated in Italy in the Middle Ages, and its name is taken from the Italian word for “zero”, because the “picture” cards and tens – which are considered high value in games generally count as zero.
As time went on, this game changed to France, and was warmly welcomed by aristocrats. Now, Baccarat is the most popular game among high-class and famous gamblers in the world.

Two Cards

Every sexy Baccarat player will get two cards, and can immediately win if they get a card that totals 9. If the 2 cards that are obtained are 8 or 9 which is called “Natural” the player can be declared victorious, unless the other players have counted the same natural card value, then the result can be a draw.
If no Natural results are available in the game then the next card will be dealt.
There are five betting options for you, namely:
Tie (Seri)
Banker Pair (Banker Twin cards)
Player Pair

Card Calculation

In the sexy baccarat game the aces are counted as one. Cards from two to nine are counted based on the value stated on the card, Cards Ten and Cards J, Q, K are counted as zero.

If the total sum of the two cards is ten, then the value is counted as zero.
Banker or Player who scores a total value of 8 or 9 in proportion to the first two cards, is called the Natural Winner or Natural Winner.
When a player reaches a Natural Winner card, the game is declared over. There is no need to repeat the third card that is distributed.
However in more than one case based on the provisions of sexy baccarat the third card may be distributed to the Banker or Player or be included in both.
Based on the total number of cards dealt in one game round, if 4 cards have been dealt, the result is small. If more than 4 means large.

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Bet Calculation

If you win a bet for PLAYERS you will be paid 1: 1.
If you win the bet for the BANKER it can be paid 1: 1. However, a commission of 5% of your winnings will be deducted automatically.
If you win a bet for the TIE, you will pay 1: 8. If the result is a TIE, the player who places the PLAYER or BANKER will be refunded the amount of the stake.

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