Read How Women Flirting Display Certain Behaviours

When thinking about flirting with women, many men concentrate their thoughts and efforts solely on finding tips about flirting for guys to help them with this. However, they’re making a big mistake focusing only on this, as they are overlooking a massive part of trying to understand the process as a whole and this incorporates the behaviours that women flirting display too.

By learning to recognize how women flirting behave, this means that you are much more aware of opportunities that you may have never known existed before and can therefore learn to capitalize on these too. Rather than just thinking about your own flirting, it opens up many other possibilities as you will begin to notice when women are flirting with you and your efforts will no longer just be a one way street. You will begin to see that women may in fact have been flirting with you all along and trying to let you know that they are interested in and attracted to you, but have just been waiting for you to make a move and you’ve been too blind to see it.

For example, have you ever had a conversation with a woman where she has been playing with her hair, twisting it around her finger as she speaks to you, or brushing it back with her fingers to show her neck a little. If so, what did you do about it? Did you even Niteflirtsignin realize that she was more than likely flirting with you at the time? The answer is probably no and as a result you would have missed an opportunity to flirt with her and maybe get to take things to a further stage, by getting her number or arranging a date.

Another subtle signal that women flirting will often use whilst talking to you, will be to draw attention to their lips or mouth whilst having a conversation with you. You may not initially think it, but the mouth is a highly sexualized part of the body, with many connotations based around it and women use it to create sexual tension and plant suggestive ideas in your mind.

However, this only works if you know how to read these signals. Look for things like her moistening her lips with her tongue, playing with a straw or pen by rubbing it against her lips, or softly biting her lip. A woman may even do these things from across a room and when you haven’t even spoken to her yet, so pay attention to this and keep you eyes peeled for these flirting signals that women give.

The last two behaviours women flirting display have been relatively subtle in the way they are shown, but this final point, or combination of things almost definitely means that a woman is interested in you and trying to get you to take notice. This is when she begins entering your personal space and touching you whilst you are talking with her. This may be something like her leaning in to whisper something in your ear, or touching you on the arm and laughing when you say something funny. This shows that she feels comfortable around you and is also your cue to start doing the same, taking things to the next level, being that of physical interaction between the two of you.

So when you are next out and you recognize that a woman is doing any of these things with you, you will now know how to respond and flirt back with her, taking the pressure off you feeling that it is always down to you to initiate things. Having read this, you may even now realize that someone may have been doing these things around you and it’s now time for you to take action and do something about it.

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