Precision And Durable Injection Mold Maker

Molding USA Inc, a high precision injection mold manufacturer in USA with manufacturing facility in Shenzhen China. Our mission is to help clients build high quality mold tooling and save at 30% of manufacturing cost.

We design, engineering, and manufacture mold tooling based on customer’s sketch, CAD drawings, or reference samples. Most of mold tool can be finished in 3~4 weeks, some of complex molds take longer time.

Our in-house mold shop is well-equipped with the state of the art mold manufacturing equipment and grouped with most experienced mold makers, who have at least 15~20 years of mold making experience.

We emphasize our mold making process under control of computer-aided system, all of mold making equipment has self-inspection and self-calibration program injection mold making, which means all of mold parts would b accurately manufactured before mold assembly. Any of mold made by us has a 500, 000~1, 500, 000 shots of warranty.

Mold design is the most important process to build a high quality mold tool. At Molding USA Inc we grouped a top sophisticated mold design team who has rich experience on complex mold design including automotive bumper, auto door, dashboard, interior system, console molds…When mold design process, our professional designer will deeply analyze, design, refine mold structure to ensure best appearance, accurate dimension, and high production efficiency.

Surface finish is also a very important factor to build a high quality mold. When customer requires a smooth surface and accurate dimension. It’s our top priority to use high quality mold material, as well as accurate manufacturing equipments(like mirror EDM, high speed CNC, wire-cutting machining, etc). We will make sure every mold core, slider, and insert will be machined accurately and high smoothly.

Since most of our clients are from Europe and US, we use international mold components suppliers from Hasco, DME, and EMP. In case there is any repair or maintenance job needed, our clients can easily and quickly perform it locally. Those standard mold components include sleeve, spring, nut, ejection pins, guide pins, block, etc.

As we know, hot runner system can greatly improve injection molding efficiency and avoid most of molding defects. It’s particularly used in automotive and medical mold tool. When a hot runner needed, Molding USA uses global top hot runner suppliers includes Mould Master, Hasco, DME, Yudo, Incoe, Husky. which will definitely guarantee our mold quality and use life.

In order to provide good appearance and feeling molded products, we strictly follow standard mold texture of VDI 3400, SPI finish, YS mold texture. Before a mold texture is performed, we can send ABS plastic cards to clients for confirmation. Each card includes 12 various VDI Texture or SPI Finish plaques. Comparing with traditional metal plaque or book, Our real texture cards offers you a real hand touch or visual texture look of what the finished products would be.

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