New Born Babies – How to Hold Your New Born Babies to Make Them Feel Comfortable?

If you have new born babies, it is important to know how to hold them correctly. This is because your baby can sense the way you are feeling when you are holding them. For most first-time parents, chances are you will feel very nervous as you are probably uncomfortable in holding your baby for the first time. I can understand that because I was so overwhelmed when I had twins! However, your baby will be able to sense your discomfort and object to your hold. So how can you hold your new born babies to make them feel comfortable?

What your new baby will do if she senses your discomfort in holding her is that she will wriggle her body, arch her back and show that she did not want to be carried by you. Some babies might even cry to show their objection. You do not have to feel helpless when that happens. All you have to do is to relax and enjoy the feel of your baby in your arms. It is vital for you to pay special attention to whether you are carrying your baby safely and securely. Check to make sure that your baby is feeling comfortable in your arms.

Here are 4 ways in which you can hold your new born babies.

  1. Cradle Hold
    This is the easiest and most natural way to carry your infant. In fact, this is also my favourite way of carrying my twins around the house, especially when they were only a few months old.

If you want to use the cradle hold method, all you have to do is to position your baby’s head on the crook of your arm. Usually you will put her little head on your dominant arm so that it is comfortable for you and the baby. Next, use your other arm as the support under your dominant arm or wrap it around your baby’s body. This is a very comfortable position for your little one and most babies sleep well in this position. It is also good for talking to your baby or to take a walk with her.

  1. Shoulder Hold
    For a shoulder hold, you have to lean your baby against one of your shoulders. Meanwhile, provide the necessary prop using your arm on the same side of bebe reborn shoulder. It is important to note that you have to wrap your supporting arm around your little baby’s buttocks. Secure your infant’s neck and back using your free arm. This is a comfortable position for your baby to snooze but it might be uncomfortable for you if you are trying to walk around the house carrying her in this way. I have found it to be easier if I sit and carry my babies in this position instead of standing or walking.
  2. Belly Hold
    By this, you have to lay your baby chest down on top of your forearm while securing her by placing your other arm around her back. Alternatively, you can also position your baby transversely on your lap. This position is especially beneficial for gassy babies.

However, this is one method I did not feel comfortable in using so I had hardly used it to carry by twins. So it all depends on what method you feel at ease with.

  1. Hip Hold
    Hip hold is useful when your baby is older, probably when she is around 6 months as she would have developed a certain amount of neck and head control by then. What you have to do is to place your baby on a seated position on either side of your hip. Your baby should be facing outwards and tightly secured around the waist with the arm on the same side of the hip on which the baby is seated. This method allows you a free arm and your baby can also get to observe the environment around her. Little babies are very curious and love to find out more about the world around them so this is a good learning position for them.

There, you have 4 ways you can choose to carry your baby. Just remember that you have to make your baby feel safe in your arms and practise makes perfect! As long as you are feeling relaxed, your new born babies will be happy with you and enjoyed being hold by you. Your little ones will grow up very fast so enjoy your first year with them and do not get too stressed!

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