Message From the Universe: May All Your Dreams Come True

“When you look around you at those in the world who flourish, thrive, laugh, and love; those whose lives are filled with friendships, adventure, and abundance… aren’t they, more often than not, first and foremost, the lam bang dai hoc?

You so have it made,
The Universe”

Dreams, thoughts, fantasies are all synonymous words for something that you thrive to obtain. Before you act on any of them, you have that burning desire that you deserve you hard earned dreams because your subconscious mind feels that this is how your life should be. Let’s use a little bit of psychology here. Someone who suffers from low self-esteem/them-esteem will encounter a different problem as mentioned above. There will be no sense of deserving anything, which will probably amount to accepting negative outcome coming into your life. This, in return, will allow you to think less of yourself and the cycle continues. You are entitled to dream whatever you want, so if that is the case, why not dream big? All the ones who have become successful, living a life of abundance and thriving to be better people all started with a dream and positive thought. As mentioned in a previous posts, prior to the Big Bang, the Universe was in a point of singularity before it exploded and created everything we see today, our galaxies, planets and stars. If theoretical physicist concluded that all of this Big Bang and Big Crunch happened prior to 14 billions years ago, we are living a cycle in which have probably been repeated for trillion of years. We can assume that the beginning of creation isn’t really when the Big Bang occurred, but probably long time before that. Our Hubble telescope can only see as much as the beginning of the big bang, but if we are on a cycle, all of what we see in our Universe happened long time before that.

I can go on and share with you my knowledge in cosmology, but then again, I am not focusing on my original point. When you dream or think positively, you are changing your purpose in life. Before thinking of changing the world around you, it is crucial to change yourself from within. There is no reason as to why you should doubt yourself and not allow great things happening into your life. Open your eyes, see your potential, feel that you deserve the things you work so hard for and act on your thoughts. By doing so, you will start seeing changes happening, even if these changes are very small. When looking to lose weight, you can’t expect reaching your ideal weight in a week right? It needs hard work, time and determination. The same goes with your mental and spiritual life. Mindful meditation should be incorporated into your life on a daily basis and focusing on yourself and your happiness, all of what you wished and dreamed for will eventually come.

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