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A question that many online Judo fans have is: When is it best to use Online Judi and when should I get offline? There is really only one answer to this and it is “Always!” Judo is a sport of full body contact, and if you do not engage in such contact, then you are not practicing Judo. It is therefore essential to understand the basic principles of Judo and to master these before you can engage in any form of Judo training. That is why online Judo training courses like the one we offer at our school are important. They help you learn what you need to know to be a Lau Bong Da Judo player.

Online Judo is the next generation of Judo training. Many of the techniques and strategies that we use in traditional Judo are improved, modernized, or made more accessible online. An example is the “one plane punch”, which was introduced by the legendary judoka Mamed Konno. In Online Judi, we introduce you to this technique and teach you how to use it in a real life situation.

Another very important part of Online Judo is the development of realistic Judo strategy. Online Judo provides you with the skills to fight in competitions. We improve our students’ strategy through active practice on our site. You can also learn from our active coach, Ryozo Aoki. Together they will develop your Judo strategy from start to finish, using both traditional and non-traditional Judo strategies.

Online Judo includes a comprehensive range of learning resources. An example is our FREE BANZAI JUIQUE application, which you can download immediately after registration. This application includes detailed instructions on performing our popular jam terrai, its eke and passsa games. You also have access to our exciting free BANZAI JUIQUE training videos, which feature our renowned tournament players such as Rocky De Los Rios and Yomi Jumeza. The videos train you in basic Judo groundwork and apply what you have learned in class.

Another feature of Online Judi is the provision of game bandarqq yang di qigong. This game is designed for beginners. The eight original stances of the game are rendered easy to understand and play, which you can improve over time as you improve your Judo skills.

There are also a number of other features available to Members of Online Judi. Such as our comprehensive list of downloadable applications, including our popular ring toss applications, easy to understand training videos, and our unique game bandarqq terrai and its just kartu online terrai downloads. These are just a few of the many features we provide to our valued members. For more information on Online Judi and BANZAI JUIQUE membership benefits and information on training with our talented Judo club, contact us today.

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