Is this the answer that will get your son or daughter’s education back on track?

Sadly and undoubtedly, the global pandemic caused by COVID-19 has harmed the education of children across the UK. Most schools are now back to teaching and attempting to play catch-up, supported by funding from the UK government. However, the reality is that without involvement it could take two years to bring some children back to their correct accomplishment level.

Kirsty Tennyson is Executive Principal of the Three New orleans saints Academy Trust, and one of her schools is Saint Betty and Saint Thomas C. of E. in Saint Helens. Ms. Tennyson says her schools have a plan in place to help children catch up, but she admits there is a “mountain to climb”.

“This is going to take into this educational year and the one after to essentially get those children back to where they need to be, and for some children, it should take longer. inch

Although an “Education catch-up fund” is available to claim and is directed at providing private tutoring for those children most in need, only educational institutions can make a claim, leaving many parents powerless. Furthermore, as of the 16th of April 2020, almost half of the fund remains unallocated. Schools are crammed with new tasks and procedures relating to COVID-19, so, it’s unsurprising that many schools are yet to apply for this fund to benefit their enrollees.

For any child, falling behind their expected accomplishment level can become particularly problematic when it comes to the end of stage assessments. These assessments are a standard process and often won’t take into account individual circumstances. So what can be done? banjo lessons near me

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Can we catch-up another way?

Private tutoring could be the answer. There are qualified professional teachers available for every subject on the national course load, and considerations around COVID-19 are taken into consideration with either socially distanced visits or online sessions. Either way, a private coach allows you as a parent the flexibility to plan those much-needed catch-up sessions around your everyday activity.

A every week private tutoring session, for example, can be one of the most efficient ways to bring your child back up to speed. Unlike group or class room learning, small groups or 1-on-1 tutoring enables for the coach to provide better feedback and home in on the areas that your child may specifically be struggling with.

Due to this more personal teaching style, private teachers can have a significant affect their scholar’s self-esteem and confidence. It’s a wide range of positive knock-on-effects. For example, there are progressively more educational studies that have identified a primary link between a child’s self-esteem and educational achievement.

How do i find a private coach?

At Coach Extra, our aim is to connect parents to private teachers, giving parents the option of finding the coach that is right for them and their child, whether that is based on teaching style, time session, location, or cost.

You can browse hundreds of teachers based on their teaching levels, such as Key Stage 1, primary age, or GCSE. You can also choose where you want the sessions to occur: online, at home, in a public place, or at the tutor’s location.

Explore a bunch of fully qualified and vetted national course load teachers here.

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