Is buying dresses online possible?

Bain & Company divides the posh industry into 9 portions including: ” personalluxury goods, luxury cars, luxury hospitality, luxury cruise ships, designer furniture, finefood, fine wines and state of mind, private jets and luxury yachts, and fine art” (D’Arpizio, Levato, Kamel, & Mongolfier, 2017).

In this article, we are focusing on the posh fashion industry and more specifically the online luxury fashion industry. In mention of the the Bain & Company report, the message would be known as the: personal luxury goods message. The online luxury fashion industry can be indicated as: luxury purses, luxury outfits, luxury jewelry, but even wedding dresses and dresses online. In fact, according to Deloitte, even though the challenges that the luxury fashion industry will have to face are multiple, they claim that: “growth in the luxury goods industry will continue unlike in several other industries” (Arienti, 2018). They also say that “the aggregate net luxury goods sales of the top 100 companies is equivalent to $217 thousand in FY2016” (Arienti, 2018). how much does it cost to hem a bridesmaid dress

This important growth was in fact, improved by different trends and changes that happened in the luxury environment in the past a couple of years (D’Arpizio, Levato, Kamel, & Mongolfier, 2017). One of them, is a change in the distribution channels that is considerably reshaping an individual can luxury goods industry sales, online shopping being more and more present and essential when selling personal luxury goods. The inevitable consumer Shift towards online shopping, is in fact, according to Mckinsey (McKinsey & Company, 2018) motivated by the consumer’s online experience. ” On the other hand, at least 40 percent of all luxury purchases are in some way influenced by consumers’ online experience. “

This online experience can be enlightened as a result: When buying online, a wide range of advantages exist. Taking the example of a wedding or evening dress, customers have limited quantities of dresses they can try and a restricted time frame to try them when shopping in a physical store. On the contrary, when buying wedding or dresses online you can spend a lot of time deciding, and designing the product you are interested in.

The online boutique concept by Maison Roula was in fact, motivated by this problematic.

Maison Roula is an online marketplace that provides to its customers a unique shopping experience to purchase easily, efficiently and calmly your dream dress, bridal dress, or dresses online, without being minimal by the quantities of products or time a buyer needs when buying such luxury goods, as in the list above.

Back to the very beginning. Maison Roula was initially created in 2013 by Roula, in Beirut, Lebanon. The store was a physical store. However, in 2019, Lina, her daughter, joined her in her journey. Lina was completely aware of this new problematic: the customer shift towards digital platforms.

In the recent years, according to Luxe Digital, even the earliest and traditional luxury brands went online. These were in fact the last ones to do it, and have for long hesitated being afraid that it would decrease their luxury brand’s image. However, as mentioned above, the sustainable and unmissable growth of the luxury online market sector left them with no choice. Nowadays, it is very likely to find whatever you decide and would desire online. Focusing on the wedding and evening dresses, even if it is a

product that customers would love, some brands are going also online offering important components of differentiation to encourage the customer to buy online.

In fact, with the internet era and the concept of digital globalization, luxury goods individuals are not only being influenced online but are also buying online. This is why, luxury brands will have to understand that they need to be customer focused and listen to the growing changes in term of tastes of their customers (Arienti, 2018). As a significant example, it is said that “consumers in southeast Asia spend about eight hours a day online on average” (McKinsey & Company, 2018).

Lina, planned to her mother to open an online e-commerce. Roula being from another generation was completely hesitant at the beginning, she really thought that there is absolutely no way a person would be happy to purchase wedding dresses or dresses online. However, as mentioned above, with the help of emerging technologies such as: virtual reality and augmented reality it will be easily and more likely for customers to look for their dresses online soon.

Another benefit from the online boutique Maison Roula is the fact that you can purchase your wedding or dresses online without being minimal “by the shapes and standard sizes offered by the market and formed by trends since your dress will be crafted according to your measurements. When buying dresses online or wedding dresses online at Maison Roula, you get a dress that is tailored to your measurements, a dress that you can customize.

But there is more to the story!

It is a place committed to women who do not really have the time nor the will to spend a lot of time in shops. No difficulties on the number of pieces they can try, particularly when shopping for being married dress. these elements are an hindrance to customers when buying in a physical shop, as mentioned above. Lina highlights on the lack of time her customers might have to spend in physical stores. She always designs dresses that convey an important message to everyone women encouraging them to follow their dreams, to be entrepreneur and workaholic future brides or parents.

Another crucial element of the story is the message behind Maison Roula’s
dresses. The evening collection at Maison Roula is an ideal spot to find your bridal dress online, your dream beverage dress or your dresses online. The message behind all these dresses is about being the powerful women we should all be. It’s about being self-confident, being free, being a woman. Lina says the message which should always be stocked in your head is: “Be yourself, anytime anywhere, everywhere. Wear what you want, what makes you happy, despite all the critics. BE YOU. ”

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