Health care Is Our Leading Cause of Death

A new Johns Hopkins study estimates that more than two hundred and fifty, 000 Americans die each year from medical errors. This includes fatalities from precise mistakes, incorrect medications, and treating the wrong patient, and it places medical errors just behind heart problems and cancer as our biggest killers.

However, the actual number of these types of fatalities is probably more achieable because this estimate doesn’t integrate errors in diagnoses and breakdowns in communications. Most of all, it doesn’t add the countless times an egotistical doctor can’t admit when he is wrong. The real number of fatalities from medical errors is probably easily 500, 000. How can this be?

Well, doctors emerge from medical school with a unwarranted computer chip on their shoulder. They recognize they may have spent more time and money on their education than most people, and somehow they think they can do no wrong. Proper the inevitable mistake occurs, they can admit it. They use their training to their own advantage by manipulating the records to make themselves look better. And we patients are to some extent the culprit because, for unknown reasons, we agree to raise them in social status and treat them like gods. Everybody needs to know that doctors make mistakes.

Why is it not so difficult for me to think that doctors would resort to immoral and illegal tactics to save their own reputations? Well, it’s because I’ve been to see doctors a few times. I can see and sense their huge egos and feelings of brilliance. I also know that they make tons of money, and, unlike in previous days, that seems to be the driving force behind their careers. During the past two years, two of my regular doctors have retired to their tropical countries at about age 50. Their justification: Obamacare paperwork–while trying to help hurting people didn’t appear to enter into their retirement plans. Whatever happened to the day when doctors felt like they should work into their 1970’s or eighties to help rationalize the high cost of their education, and to help people as long as they could?

Furthermore, doctors intentionally cause the fatalities of 100, 000 HEALTHY babies in the womb every year by performing abortions. Consider the truth about the leading causes of death in the united states each year:

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