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PKV Games is a new way to re-enjoy the excitement of playing online card games in modern times. PKV Games is an all in one online card game application where you can play various types of card games in one application and one account. download pkv games

Starting in 2012, PKV Games initially used the name PokerV initially, at that time there were not so many games available on the PKV Games application, there were only a few, namely Poker, BandarQ and domino99.

At that time, we know that the advancement of the mobile phone industry and the fast penetration of the internet in Indonesia made the demand for online games to increase significantly, especially online games that can provide benefits to players, not pay-to-win games that are made only to provide benefits to game developers only.

PKV Games is designed with careful planning where players can later benefit from playing pkvgames, not only the developers who benefit.

Get the latest PKV Games online application here which supports all types of Android and iOS phones. An application designed specifically so that it can be played on all mobile devices and computers.

Find your opponents from all over Indonesia and beat them to the best of your ability and be a winner with PKV Games online Indonesia. Get various attractive prizes ranging from credit to real money every day without being drawn.

How to Install / Install PKV Games Online APK
Download pkvgames apk for android using the link above then wait until the download is complete. Choose one according to the device you are using Android or iOS.
Open and run the pkvgames apk download file earlier to start the installation process.
Press the “OK” or “YES” button when asked during the install process.
When finished, the pkvgames application will appear on the HOME / app drawer of your cellphone.
If a problem occurs when the installation appears, you have to give special permission to your cellphone application to allow the installation to be done by setting and checking the install box from another source.

For those of you who play from a computer, you no longer need to download and install pkvgames on your computer because now PKV Games supports HTML5 technology.

Launching from Techradar, HTML5 is the latest version of Hyper Text Markup Language, which is the language code that describes a web page. HTML5 technology has been adopted in PKV Games so you can now run PKV games using a browser.

PKV Games also supports Flash technology for old browsers and computers so those of you who are still using potato computers can still play PKV Games without any difficulties. You do this by opening the official online pkvgames website WargaQQ in a browser and logging in directly.

Register and Login PKV Games
To start the game you need an account to enter and log into the pkvgames system then you can select a game and start playing.

You can do the account registration process by opening the official site of Indonesian online pkv games WargaQQ, after opening, continue by pressing the register button to open the page and the new account registration form.

Registration is very easy, simple, free and fast, no more than 3 minutes. If the registration is successful, then you will log in automatically. If it fails, then you need to double check the data you entered in the registration data form earlier.

Meanwhile, if you already have an account and aim to log in and play, the method is not much different. Return to the official site of Indonesian online pkvgames, WargaQQ, then find the username and password fields then fill in your account data then press login.

You can use this method specifically for those of you who play from a computer while if you play from the pkv games apk application, in other words playing from a cellphone then you need to enter the official pkvgames citizenqq url link in the loginsite column.

This loginsite column functions more or less the same as the url column in your browser that you enter if you want to open certain sites. When filling in the loginsite field, you only need to enter the domain name and domain extension for the online pkvgames site without typing “www” in front of the domain name.

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