Different Types of Poker Games

Knowing the basic rules is as important knowing the different types of Poker games around. You may know the rules but not unless you know the type of game you are playing your chances to win will be lessen. As Poker gains its popularity amongst the crowd thus the creation of different version or types of poker depending on the location it generated www.southpacificrfmo.org/.

Poker games ranges from the very famous Texas Hold’em, Omaha Hold’em, Stud and Five Card Draw. As you read along rules and versions for the above mentioned games would be discussed

The very famous Texas Hold’em game is played with a minimum of two to a maximum of ten players. It can be played in several versions such as Limit, Pot Limit or No Limit. The player will be given two faced-down cards in their hand and there would be five faced-up common cards that would be shared by the players to complete their five hand card. The player with the highest card on hand on the end of a round wins the game.

The next game is Omaha Hold’em. This game same as the Texas Hold’em can be played in different versions, Omaha hi and Omaha Hi Lo. The game start with the players having four cards on their hands and five community cards faced-up where the player can use to combine with their cards. The players can use any two of the four cards in their hand and combine it to any three from the five community cards. Depending on the version of the game, having the highest hand possible may give you a win for Omaha hi. While winning in Omaha Hi Lo would require you to have either the highest and/or lowest hand combination possible to be considered a winner.

Stud, another type of game in poker also has different variations. In here we have the Seven Card Stud, Seven Card High-Low, Mexican Stud and Caribbean Stud Poker. In Seven Card Stud and Seven Card High-Low is played with two to eight players. Each player would have three faced-down cards and four faced-up cards. From their set of cards the player can choose five from their seven cards and form the best combination. As for the Seven Card High-Low same as the Omaha Hi Lo, they would need to form either the highest and/or lowest hand combination possible to be considered a winner. On the other hand, Mexican Stud Poker is also the well known strip poker. Then we have the Caribbean Stud Poker that is very different from the previously discussed poker games. In this game all players plays against the dealer or banker any player who beats the dealer wins the pot money.

And last but not least is the Five Card Draw. This is the least famous game among poker players since this requires high level of skills and losing in this game is easy. It is played with a maximum of five players and a minimum of two. Each player is given five faced-down card and from this the player may chose to change his cards or start to bet and wish to have the highest hand amongst the player in order to win the game.

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