Bounce House Purchasing Guide

5 Things To look for Before Purchasing An Blow up Bouncer.

Children are definitely excited to host an event for their group of friends on their wedding ceremony. The joy is even better when the party includes blow up bouncers, blow up water 35mm slides, or blow up jumper. A Bounce houses or Silent celestial body Walks are undoubtedly a major draw for children of all ages. Now-days parties are viewed as wet dry combo bounce house partial without the inflatables. Having a bounce house in the backyard will probably be a perfect choice for parents as well. Where else can parents spend approx. $100 and keep a small grouping of kids amused for your day? It is not only fun but also a healthier alternative when compared to playing computer games or watching a TV. However, there are several important things that need to be considered before purchasing an blow up bouncer.

Check out the Quality Of the Bounce House And Make sure It is Lead-Free.

Recent studies showed that there are several manufacturers who use improper materials and methods during the production, which results in a hazardous, high amount of lead in the bounce houses. It is important to check with owner and make sure they offer Lead-Free (less than 99ppm) and safe products for your children.

Check the safety features of the bouncer and the thickness of the plastic.

While a bouncer can be lead-free it doesn’t imply that it is safe to use it. Generally speaking, all commercial grade bouncers must be made from at least 16 oz plastic. Plastic thinner than 16 oz means less longevity and, even worse, a higher risk for participants. Make sure the bouncer has reinforcements on stress areas and it is double or double sewn. It is also important to check the height of the side edges and the existence of a “No Jump” cover when considering purchasing an blow up slide or water slide. The height of side edges must be a minimum of three feet and the top area of the slide must be covered with “No Jump” netting which prevent participants from jumping or attempting dangerous moves such as flips from the the top of slide.

Direct Manufacturer = Custom Bounce Houses, lower prices, faster service.

Buying directly from a manufacturer may not be an important question when considering purchasing one bounce house for personal use. However, it can be one of the most important issues for party rental owners who wish to get wholesale discounts and buy several commercial grade bouncers for their rental businesses. Among lots of advantages such as lower prices, faster service, free consultation from professionals there are many other benefits should be expected when purchasing directly from a manufacturer. For instance, most manufacturers will not charge any additional fees to change the colors of an blow up jumper in order to add an additional zipper. Moreover, manufacturers usually take custom orders and help their customers to make an upmarket customized blow up which helps party rental business owners to have their own distinctive bounce house.

Save money By Purchasing Commercial Bounce Houses Manufactured in USA.

That is right! Bounce house rental companies actually SAVE more money when they purchase American made blow up jumpers. While this statement is not true for most of other product categories it still remains accurate for commercial bounce houses. The average cost of a bundle offered by American manufacturers varies from $4, 000-$4, 500. At the same time similar package deals offered by Chinese manufacturers can cost approx. 10-15% less. However, china made bouncers either don’t come with warranty or come with a max. 1-year warranty. And even if they come with 12 months warranty the obvious question that comes is how to ship a damaged bounce house right to China. By choosing American made bounce houses consumers get incomparably advanced and safer products which are backed with a minimum 2 year warranty. Saving 10% and purchasing poor china made inflatables often happens to be very expensive mistake.

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