Bed Liner Facts

Duplicolor bed liner installation works especially well on older trucks that already have some cosmetic problems. It produces a finish that really looks much like a more expensive professional spray on liner. Maybe not as easily installed as you might be lead to believe, the installation process is quite simple. Really you just paint on a couple of coats of paint to get a new look plus some bed protection. What makes it work so well is the paint is thick and includes texture. Because of the nature of the material, it covers all kinds of problems. It also covers roller marks too or at least the marks disappear as the paint settles and cures.

Key to success of an installation is proper surface preparation before applying the paint. In fact the prep determines whether this works or not. Unfortunately paint prep involves some real work, much of it not particularly fun. Getting ready to paint is as simple as doing careful cleaning and then sanding or otherwise roughing up the existing paint. Those two steps assure you that the paint will stick and stay stuck for a long time.

Cleaning means going over the surface with a grease and wax remover. Don’t skip this step. Also don’t think just sanding is sufficient. Sanding without cleaning drives grime into the surface which won’t help paint to stick. Once the surface is truly clean you must roughen the surface to give the paint a perfect texture to adhere to. That means you want really coarse sanding, not fine sanding at all. It’s more of a scratched surface that you seek rather than a smooth finish.

A roll on bed liner can really improve the looks of an spray on bedliner truck. It’s not nearly as thick nor as durable as the better spray on liners. Then again, it only costs a fraction of what the expensive liners will set you back either. A DupliColor bed liner produces a coating for truck beds that protects and upgrades the look of a pickup without a great deal of money and without any highly skilled work either. It may make sense especially if you want to spend just a little money on your truck and don’t mind some work.

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