Backgammon’s Long Association With Gambling

We have no historical evidence the first people ever to pole money on a backgammon game, but it appears as though backgammon Gambling has been an built-in the main Yukkumpul game from its earliest days. The popularity of Tabula — the Roman version of backgammon, is one of the main sources of our familiarity with how the ancients understood how to play backgammon. It is interesting to note that tabula was exclusively focused on Gambling. The Roman fondness for chop games is well known, and the tabula set with its many resemblances to the backgammon set we know today, gave them an ideal format for partaking in their love of gaming. When compared with the chaotic sports of the coliseum, backgammon must have been particularly welcome to the less-violently inclined Roman citizens, though there were no guarantees that a line over a game of tabula could not turn chaotic.

A key motivation in the development of the backgammon rules was setting the agreed framework within how the backgammon gaming could take place. Clearly setting out the foundations concerning the moving of pieces, and defining what is considered legitimate and bogus, allows players to place their levels in confidence that the game is being run according to mutually accepted rules. Interestingly enough, the first codification of backgammon rules was not published prior to the 1740’s, but clearly these rules were well known and broadly accepted a long time before this time.

The partnership between backgammon and Gambling appears to be grounded in the additional excitement provided. Where levels they fit on the results of the game, it becomes very much more interesting for all concerns. Players play backgammon hard when they see they have the chance of winning a significant sum, or losing a lot of money. Thus the advent of the doubling cube in the 1920’s located provide a big boost to international backgammon by raising the levels so because of this dramatically increasing interest in the game. For many players, there is no comparison between a game played for levels and a game played for fun alone in terms of that the adrenalin flows and the tension rises. Additionally, once a player feels that their skills at the game have reached a certain point and they find themselves winning many more games than they lose, it is natural to want to turn this talent into cash by playing for levels.

When we come to our own time, the development of backgammon software was to a lesser or greater extent motivated by the idea of providing backgammon online Gambling. Online backgammon provides many more opportunities for backgammon gaming than traditional club or meeting place settings. It brings players from everywhere over the year in contact with each other. The prizes offered exceed those available in the majority of backgammon gaming settings. In addition, the tight control offered by computerized backgammon removes many of the concerns that certain players had regarding altered games. The guarantee of fair play offered by legitimate backgammon sites provides the re-assurances players appreciate.

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