6 Super-Cute Facts About Rabbits

There are lots of interesting facts about rabbits like how long their ears get, or how they aren’t the same as hares but we found 6 super-cute facts to share. And, reading these, reminded us of just why we love our little buns so much. Ok, well maybe apart from bunny buddy 5 but it’s still cute that your bunny loves you that much right?

1. A bunny can learn simple tricks

…like standing on their hind legs, rolling a ball back to their owner, go into his cage or jumping up on the couch on command. That’s of course only if they want to learn it. As other owners will tell you it’s darn near impossible to teach a rabbit anything if he doesn’t want to do it!

2. A happy rabbit will purr with contentment.

It’s not quite the same as a cat purring, it comes from their teeth not their throat, but it means the same thing. There isn’t much better in the world than a bun purring with happiness is there?

3. Rabbits can learn to walk on a harness and leash

Always start gently and use some tasty treats as encouragement. Start with just the harness and attach the lead when he’s comfortable. Of course he won’t go where you want to go so in reality you’ll end up the one being led around!

4. Bunnies have their own special dance called a ‘binky’ or ‘binkie’.

It’s difficult to describe unless you have seen one for yourself but it it a combination of a jump, twist and kick. Binkies are unique to rabbits and are an expression of sheer joy. When you get to see a binkie for real you’ll know what happiness is!

5. If your bun circles your legs and then pees on you it means she loves you.

While it may be the ultimate sign of affection in bunnyville, it’s not recommended that you try this one on your own boyfriend!

6. Bunnies can be put into a trance.

This is similar to when a person meditates but it’s just so much cuter when your bunny does it!

To put yours into one, pick her up underneath her front legs with your right hand while supporting her bottom and back legs with your left hand. Turn her over gently and cradle her in the crook of your elbow/arm like a baby or between your legs.

Now comes the Bunny Whisperer magic – gently stroke her face until you feel her head relax backward. To wake her up from the trance, just gently roll her back on to her side or tummy. NB: Be very gentle doing this as a rabbit’s spine can be damaged very easily.

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