3 Action Points to Ensure

Who hasn’t encountered explicit pop-up windows while browsing on the web? Whenever you get one of those, you can’t remove them quickly enough! And many people experience these types of scenarios almost every day. So many things could go wrong while online, so we need to always be on guard. But this is very tiring, and not as effective, so that is why there are so many porn blockers that are trying to improve (not destroy) an Internet surfer’s online activity.

What is so sad is that these porn companies are not banned or restricted in any way. Google cannot block porn because it can’t see images or videos… only words. If by some miracle a porn website is shut down, there are still thousands more. And also, more porn sites are being created as we speak. But there’s another aspect that needs to be addressed…

One of the main reasons I do not see adult websites shutting down anytime soon is because there’s a large audience that wants it! The “porn-addicted crowd” wants the porn. These people are actually paying for these websites to stay online. And with more money going into the porn industry’s pockets, they will always have the upper hand… unless we do something about it. We most probably cannot shut down a huge porn site, but we can protect our family if we follow these 3 steps:

First; discuss the dangers to your children. (And be more open about it with the older children)
Second; purchase a high-quality, Bokep -functional web filter.
And thirdly; make some ground rules, like “No one allowed on the computer after midnight”. (But if you purchased a good porn blocker you wouldn’t need to worry about this.)
We live in a world where people can post or publish anything and everything on the Internet. And that’s not a good thing for kids. They need to be protected, and their innocence needs to be maintained.

If you are considering using a “free” porn blocker, then let me inform you that they aren’t really free. You’ll most probably have a limited amount of functions on it, and the only way to get all the features is to buy the actual web filter. It’s just business.

But that’s not all. Have you ever tried using one of those supposedly free web filters? They just cannot block explicit content effectively (and with very little accuracy). It can’t tell the difference between a health- related online store, and a porn site. So these ineffective web filters will unnecessary block web sites that aren’t harmful at all! It’s quite ironic that porn comes through the nets of these filters instead. So properly choosing a web filter is also critical.

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