123Movies 2021: Watch Movies Online Free, Best 123Movies Alternatives

123Movies is a popular website to download/stream movies and Series online for free in HIGH-DEFINITION. Read about 123Movies alternatives, proxy sites, and more details.

123Movies is one of the most popular websites to stream HIGH-DEFINITION movies, Series, and web series. It attracts millions of users from across the globe looking for movies and TV series online. 123Movies is a one-stop solution for movie lovers 123movies official website to download and watch their favourite movies. In 2016, Business Insider recognized 123Movies as the most-used pirate website in the united kingdom. In Drive 2018, the Motion picture Association of America (MPAA) declared 123Movies as the most popular piracy website.

What is 123Movies?
123Movies is probably the biggest and most famous piracy website in the world. If you are one of those who love to watch online movies/TV Shows, then you should have used 123Movies or one of its mirror sites. 123Movies is a website which offers its users to stream/download movies, Series, anime, etc. online for free. 123Movies ’ main domain was blocked and its mirror sites are running on the internet with names like GoMovies, GoStream, MeMovies. There was a time when the website had a user base of over 98 million.

The rising cases of piracy concerns have forced the government of various countries including India and the Usa to ban 123Movies. However, the infamous website incorporates a lot of mirror websites. Now those who wish to watch HIGH-DEFINITION movies and TV series online have to try their luck at one of the mirror sites. Some popular mirror sites of 123Movies are 123Movies. is, Gomovies. is, Gomovies. to, GoStream. to, MeMovies, 123Movies. go, 123Movies. is and 123Movies. mainstay. These alternatives started gathering popularity when the main online domain internet. 123Movies. to was close.

123Movies new and correct site
123Moviez is estimated to be launched somewhere in 2015 with a website “ 123Movies. to”. When the domain was blocked, the Vietnamese owner of 123Movies refuses to ribbon and bow down as the team keeps developing mirror websites to ensure the uninterrupted flow of HIGH-DEFINITION quality movies and TV series online.

It changed to other website names including 123Movies. is before redirecting to Gomovies. to and later Gomovies. is. It was changed to Gostream. is, and then to Memovies. to, before changing to 123Movies mainstay. to/is and remaining there until shutdown. These mirror websites have had the same software as the original website. The website is no genius product although it does solve the goal of providing HIGH-DEFINITION quality movies and TV series online. Here is the list of new and working mirror websites:

123Movies free. net
23moviestv. to
123Movies. net
123Movies s. online
123Movies. best
0 123Movies. com
123Movies go. ga
Current reports suggest that there are around 10 mirror websites of 123Movies currently running across the world. These websites allow users to watch/download Bollywood to Hollywood as well as regional movies in HIGH-DEFINITION.

Although we do not support or encourage you to make use of such websites, there is a certain satisfaction of watching your favorite movies or TV series online without paying a cent. Websites like 123Movies are a big threat to original content providers like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu. It is our truthful duty to beware you that these sites are illegal. For those trying to Google the website, you would be surprised to know that the 123Movies network has been completely removed and banned from Google.

How it Works?
Although a lot has been said about the malicious and maligning practices of 123Movies online, it is undeniable that the website still attracts millions of users every day. The strategic minds behind the website never let their daily users feel bugged or risky as the website never asked you to share any personal data.

You could simply log on to the website and watch your favorite Series and movies online for free. Despite hundreds of other piracy websites still operating, online searchers still look for the 123Movies because the seamless, safe, and secure services that it provided cannot be matched to date.

You have the liberty to watch and download movies, Tv show, or series in HIGH-DEFINITION quality. You can choose your favorite variety like funny, romantic, thriller, horror, or action depending on your need. There is something available for every category of movies and TV series lovers. 123Movies allows you to watch and download your favorite movies and TV series online and also download HIGH-DEFINITION quality anime photos. The high-resolution photos available in 480p, 720p and1080p quality are jewels that anime lovers would value the most.

Movie categories on 123Movies
123Movies is full of HD-quality movies, animes, and Series available in makes like sci-fi, horror, drama, funny, action, sports, romance, and more. The 123movie. to is updated with the latest movies, Series and animes, morales, and stories every day. Popular categories include names like Romance, supernatural, funny, magic, space, fighting, shows, war-based, cars, adventure, thriller, fantasy, parody, vampire, sci-fi, psychological, martial arts, and horror.

Free 123Movies Alternatives
123Movies website is pretty easy to use. The user-friendly software and familiar styles promote user-growth every day. However, users always look for alternatives. Here are some good alternatives to 123Movies:

1) XMovies8
XMovies8 is one of the best alternatives to Yesmovies. It offers a huge collection of movies and Series for free streaming/downloading. You don’t have to register. Just search for a movie, click on it, and start watching.

2) WatchFree
WatchFree is a one-stop solution for those who love to watch movies online for free. The site has a massive collection of movies and Series. Most of the movies are available in HIGH-DEFINITION quality.

3) FMovies
FMovies is one of the best sites similar to Yesmovies. It is completely free and doesn’t require you to register. It allows users to choose from thousands of movies and watch them for free.

4) AZMovies
AZMovies is a decent alternative to Yesmovies which you watch your favorite movies and Series for free. The website gets updated regularly with fresh content.

5) YesMovies
Yesmovies is a free online exploding and downloading site which offers movies, Series, TV series, and documentaries.

6) Solarmovie
Solarmovie is considered one of the best alternatives to Yesmovies because it has a huge collection of movies and shows. Moreover, it is a very well designed website that takes the user experience to another location level. Navigation is easy and the layout is absolutely perfect.

7) GoMovies
Gomovies is considered one of the mirror websites of 123Movies. However, there is no definite proof. It offers a massive collection of movies and shows for free exploding and download.

8) Putlocker
Our list of free movie exploding sites would be incomplete without Putlocker. It is one of the first sites that started free movie exploding. Launched in 2011, Putlocker attracts millions of users monthly across the world. It is being close more than once for piracy issues, the site is still active and it keeps changing its domain file format to keep providing its users with free content.

9) Afdah
Afdah is one of the most infamous websites known to problem movies. People all over the world, especially in the us alone access this website for free Hollywood movies’ download and exploding. The website leaking movies without proper copyrights causing big harm to producers and premium platforms like Hulu and Netflix.

10) LosMovies
LosMovies is a free movie exploding website enabling users to watch the latest as well as classic old movies in HIGH-DEFINITION. The site has a huge collection of best movies sorted into categories such as Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi, War, Superhero, Family, and Romance, etc.

123Movies is a great source of HD-quality content. Your favorite movies and Series are available to download in HIGH-DEFINITION and stream in HIGH-DEFINITION too.

Paid/premium alternatives to 123Movies
The alternatives mentioned above are all illegal alternatives. Now, we will have a look at some premium paid alternatives. These sites/apps are paid and charge monthly/yearly subscription fee for premium and exclusive content. Have a look:

Amazon Prime Video
Youtube Movies
Faqs (Frequently Asked Questions) related to 123Movies

  1. Is 123Movies legal or not?
    Well, it is a tricky question. Technically, it isn’t uploading any copyrighted data on its server. It is just gathering and providing exploding of the already available content. The site isn’t hosting any content for itself. However, sharing links and data related to copyrighted content is also illegal. The copyrighted content provided by 123Movies resulted in a big loss to the owners of the original content. So, we can say that the website is somehow doing an illegal act.

The makers go the extra-mile carrying out illegal activities to populate 123Movies with the latest cinematic content. Although someone watching a movie online on 123Movies is not a criminal offense, it is an unfair practice. Nonetheless, absolutely nothing is stopping you from enjoying your top favorite movies and Series online on 123Movies.

Government and cybersecurity teams have blocked 123Movies and its mirror websites many times. The website changed its name as well as file format and makes a comeback. Some of its mirror websites are 123Movies. co, 123Movies. pro, etc.

  1. What is the reason behind the popularity of 123Movies?
    There are many reasons which make 123Movies one of the most popular websites for exploding and downloading movies. Have a look:

Wide range of content in dialects and makes at absolutely no cost.
The ease with which you can navigate the categories of all the movies which are available on the site for downloading.
The category of movies available on it is huge. There are movies from Hollywood and Bollywood in addition to dubbed movies of a large number of other dialects.
There are multiple qualities in which you can download your favorite movies, shows, and series. You can download movies and other content in HIGH-DEFINITION qualities such as DVDrip, Bluray, etc.

  1. How to download HD-quality movies and Series from 123Movies?
    Although easier than you think most people are not aware of how to use 123Movies free to download HIGH-DEFINITION quality movies and Series on their computer. We are here to explain to you how the piracy website works for your benefit. 123Movies is the single-most reliable and easy-to-use website to have your favorite movies and Series but deploying it needs a special download manager.

You start at 123Movies where you explore the sets of movie available. You choose between various makes and ultimately look for a film you wish to watch or download in HD-quality. Click on the title of the film or Tv show to be redirected to the destination. There onwards, you’ll be presented with two choices – Stream Online in HIGH-DEFINITION or Download in HIGH-DEFINITION. Lastly, you have to click on the desired quality of download and choose Save Link As and look for a location where you want to save your favorite content.

If you already have the Download manager, all you have to do is click and choose copy link location and stick it on the download manager’s new download. After the download is completed you can enjoy your favorite movies, Tv show, and anime in HD-quality without waiting for it to stream. Downloading movies from 123Movies is very easy if you follow all the steps carefully.

  1. Do you have to create a forex account on 123Movies?
    The answer is that if you want to watch your favorite films and Series online, you don’t have to create a special account. There is no need to create a forex account on 123Movies and its mirror websites. However, if you sign up, you will be advised with an email regarding your favorite show or TV series available to download or stream in HIGH-DEFINITION quality.

You can even share the latest information amongst friends through email. For this facility, you don’t have to create a forex account. Although, the benefits of creating a 123Movies are immeasurable. You will be informed about the latest for downloading, new additions and also be able to comment, like, and share your favorite videos, Series, and animes online.


Piracy of any original content is a punishable offense under the copyright act. We strongly oppose piracy. We neither support nor promote any torrent/piracy websites. Over and over we are reminding you that downloading/streaming movies from piracy websites may land you in big trouble. We strongly recommend you to stay away from piracy sites. There is always an option of paid sites like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, while others.

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